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McLaren’s Workshop – Animatio




This was a little piece I was playing around with in a new app on my ANCIENT FIRST GEN IPAD!  This was done in McLaren’s Workshop.  I am REALLY impressed by how easy it was to play around with and out put some very basic animation. I will say the free version you are limited to the shapes you can use in your project, and seemingly the amount of objects on the stage.  Hence the name of the test ” ANIMATIO”  – I ran out of items to animate on the stage to add the “N”.  Anyhow, if you have the time, I would definitely recommend downloading it and checking it out.  I’m probably going to pony up the money and buy the full version.  It’s pretty sweet.

McLaren’s Workshop







Dr. Jeckyl


Mr. Hyde



Forest Giant


Davy Crocket

pink-fish_12x6 potato


Here is a selection of paintings from random shows I was invited to be in over the last couple of years.  Some of these are rather large.

I-pad and/or I-phone Stuff


duck dinosaur dudewithChin photophoto 2


These guys were all either painted or drawn on an i-phone or i-pad.

Post-it Drawrings

bird ebeneezer_postit doodhat2 doodhat nosers2 elephant2 duder_postit bluebird_postitHere are some post it note drawrings from the old blog.

Sketchbook Dump from Old

sketches_2sketchbook2_austin warm up boxers 2 sketchbook4 sketchbook3 sketches_lecture sketches_1 sketchbook_austin warm up boxers


In the move from my old site to the new, I lost alot of my old posts and images from before.  I was never able to successfully port those over to the new blog.  So, I thought I would post some of the past work I’ve had fun with.  Here is a partial sketchbook dump.




HELLOOOOO….This is a test of the emergency blogcast system.